Expanding human potential to the fullest

The Horizon Talent Developer is geared to be the mentoring, coaching, and managerial tool for all bosses and superiors… to use in developing and maximizing their subordinates’ talent and potential. It is not a traditional 360, personality or evaluation tool. It gives users self-awareness that changes and improves specific skills, behaviors, and performance… and can be life-changing.




HTD is designed to provide very specific feedback regarding a person’s strengths, unique assets, weaknesses and potential derailers/ “watch-outs” … and, most importantly, identifies specific areas of opportunity for immediate professional and personal growth.


HTD is a user-friendly, web-based platform that allows organizations of any size to organize, deploy, and collect feedback on digital, easy-to-use surveys designed to rate an individual.


The survey focuses on 21 behavioral categories, a total of 105 questions that dive deeply into leadership and key skill-development areas. Examples include Decisiveness, People Skills, Productivity, Problem-Solving, Communication Effectiveness, Listening, Credibility, Conflict Resolution, Creative Thinking, plus 11 other categories. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Participants will immediately enhance their self-awareness— how they perceive themselves versus how their colleagues and clients perceive them. This awareness will impact their job-related performance, as well as their personal lives.